Athena Infonomics is a fast growing policy research and development analytics firm with a focus on strengthening the use of data and social science research to solve development and inclusive growth issues around the world. Athena lies at the intersection of the public and private sectors, helping policy makers and development sector actors design data-backed policies and programs. 

Within a short span of time since inception, Athena has succeeded in distinguishing itself for its cutting-edge research methods and tools for modeling socio-economic phenomenon and deriving solutions. Using a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, conceptual depth and analytical rigor, the organization has partnered with diverse global stakeholders to design innovative approaches that solve some of the most challenging problems of our times. 
Athena’s sectors of intervention include ‘Urban Governance’, ‘Education and Skills’, ‘Energy and Sustainability’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Diversity and Social Inclusion’ and ‘Trade and Competitiveness’. Its service offerings span across 'Applied Decision Sciences', ‘Needs Assessment’, ‘Intervention Design’, ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’, ‘Behaviour Modeling’, ‘Pilot Testing’, ‘Capacity Building’, ‘Option Analysis’, ‘Scale up Assessment’ and ‘Public Private Partnership Advisory’.
Founded in 2010, Athena is supported by a strong network of distinguished policy makers, academics and intellectuals, who play an active advisory and consulting role. The company’s core team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds from some of the top educational institutions in the world.
Athena derives its name from the Greek Goddess for wisdom, craft and strategy, while Infonomics is a study and emergent discipline of quantifying, managing and leveraging information as an asset. 
The company is headquartered in Chennai, with presence in New Delhi and Washington DC. Athena has a strong domestic and global footprint and its work has spanned across India, South Asia, South East Asia, East and Southern Africa.

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