The project activities and program design and delivery are designed through a systematic approach that identifies, anticipates and responds to the needs of the target groups – women, youth, and other vulnerable sections of society.

Our services include:

  • Policy analysis: Undertaking participatory research techniques and baseline evaluations to identify the roles, rights, obstacles, opportunities and choices available for women and disadvantaged groups within a given sector.
  • Training and Capacity Development: Augmenting institutional capacity and expertise of partner organizations to undertake gender analysis, planning and mainstreaming activities to understand inequalities, inclusion and diversity, and achieve desired impact through gender sensitive policies.
  • Project Management: Providing customized strategic guidance and project management support to diagnose performance, set goals, identify and allocate resources, pilot interventions and build a comprehensive Gender Action Plan.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Creating robust M&E framework to monitor the performance and measure the effectiveness of interventions in improving equity and inclusion.

Project Snapshots
Following are some of our sample projects on Diversity & Social Inclusion.