Education & Skills




Athena’s education consulting team has extensive experience in offering research and advisory services to clients in the public and private sector. We work closely with stakeholders managing large and multi-faceted projects.


The services we offer are 

  • Market research & feasibility studies for a new entrants in the private education sector
  • Assistance with project implementation of new schools, training centres
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships and assist with formulating engagement guidelines
  • Conducting third-party learning outcome (impact) assessments
  • Monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects
  • Quality gap and needs assessment

Design and delivery of capacity building programmes for faculty, institutional leadership and administrative departments within educational establishments (public and private)
Assisting with policy design of pedagogy, curriculum and training for different levels of education with a clear alignment to macro economic priorities and development goals
Conducting community impact studies and aligning it with school policies and curriculum
Assessments to evaluate the success of adopting macro level policies at the state or school level

Project Snapshots
Following are some of our sample projects on Education & Skills.