The Public Policy Division at Athena is guided by a distinguished board of Advisors with extensive experience in policy making, academic research and private sector. The multidisciplinary team comprising of former policy makers, academics, professionals drawn from different disciplines including economics, management sciences, engineering, accounting and law offer well researched inputs and insights to support policy analysis, advocacy and assessment.

Public Policy consulting is a niche practice in India. Many international and home-grown consulting firms have public sector/government practices which primarily focus on transaction advisory and institution development consulting services. However, there are very few research based consulting firms which combine their advisory services with rigorous empirical research on applied macro, micro and public economics issues. Athena draws its strength from strong academic linkages and emphasis on applied research. The growing share of the educated middle-class in the population with increasing access to information through media and legal tools like RTI have created a demand for greater accountability and transparency of policy making in the country from its citizenry. Owing to this increased scrutiny from progressive and aspiring demography, there has been a structural shift in policy process. The approach to formulating, implementing and delivering public goods is value based and demands measurable impact.

This approach provides a long term opportunity for independent and research based consulting organizations, to objectively assist policy making, through analytical methodologies.

In the immediate future the economy needs a second round of economic reforms both at the state and central levels to uplift, if not, sustain the growth momentum. In this context, there is a strong need for policy research, analysis, implementation assessment, impact measurement, and appropriate articulation to stakeholders. This is the need that the Public Policy practice at Athena will attempt to fill.