The Connecting the Dots (CtD) programme seeks to enhance awareness about environmental challenges and opportunities, among legislators at the local and state-level. It aims to translate this awareness into solution pathways for sustainable development. The programme addresses challenges faced by constituencies and maps them with sustainable opportunities that can be scaled up to the policy-making level. The programme achieves this by developing a network of MLAs committed to leveraging the opportunities presented by sustainable development.

Andhra Pradesh is experiencing a unique situation that is a combination of environmental endowments as well as vulnerabilities. Rich in biodiversity and natural resources with a strong development mandate, the state is also vulnerable to some of the most intense natural calamities such as cyclones, heat waves and droughts. Creating an approach that adopts sustainable low carbon development provides an opportunity for effectively realising the development agenda of the state.

This project has been undertaken by Athena Infonomics and is supported by British High Commission

Programme Outcomes

Developing a climate change tool: An application that assists stakeholders in translating environmental opportunities into sustainable action.

Creating climate champions: A network of legislators enabled to effectively use climate-relevant information for local development.

Supporting in climate-proofing legislative decisions: A support system with access to exchange of global best practices, environmental indicators and climate finance opportunities to enable climate-friendly decisions.