The objective of the Connecting the Dots Programme is to equip legislators with relevant information relating to their district, in order to assist them with climate-informed decision making. This section, provides information to the climate champions across their respective districts, to help them prioritise decisions that have a socio-economic as well as climatic impact. The map below can be used to navigate across the climate champion districts.

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The information is categorised across the following characteristics:


This section provides information on the economic profile of the district. This information will help the legislator understand and prioritise key sectors in the district economy and their impact on the livelihoods of the population. It also offers a comparison between other districts of the state, to provide a comparative perspective on the economic performance of the district.


Agriculture is a critical sector for most Indian states, especially Andhra Pradesh, which has been touted as the rice bowl of India. It is important for legislators to understand the agrarian profile of their district, since it is also the sector that is most sensitive to climate change. This section provides information on the agricultural production, gross value add as well as gross irrigated area and sources of irrigation.


Andhra Pradesh is a resource endowed state. This section provides a district-level snapshot of key resource endowments, including, forest coverage, minerals and rivers.


This segment provides a comprehensive visualisation of the district demographic profile. Specifically, the demographic profile covers the rural-urban composition, the literacy rate, population density and sex ration. This information will assist the legislator understand and population characteristics and hence prioritise and forecast the potential impact of decisions on the district population.


This section provides a snapshot of the district climatic profile, including the agro-climatic zone, monthly rainfall trend across 5 years, mandal-level mapping of drought intensity, and impact of natural disasters in terms of material as well as economic losses.


Governance is a critical lever to decision making. This section provides information about the legislators to other stakeholders, in order to support and inform in the decision making process. Information regarding the key portfolios at the district as well as state level.